The Staggering Ox of Helena, Montana

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OX: Mon-Fri 8am-7pm
Sat-Sun 8am-6pm

RED ATLAS: 8am-4pm

400 Euclid Ave. (in the Lundy Center)
Helena, MT 59601
(406) 443-1729

Art Gallery


Staggering Ox gives local and regional artists a venue to display their artwork in one of the largest display areas in town. There is a constant rotation among the artists, and you can find a wide variety of styles/media.

Current artists featured are Susanna Nadia, Dale Beckman, Genoa Seanna, Adam Riggs, Paul A. Rolfes, and Lisa Sieminski.

Artists interested in scheduling a display at the Ox are encouraged to contact Kasey in the Red Atlas to discuss scheduling and artist requirements. Email or call (406) 443-1729.